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What is the Quality of our Alfalfa Crop

by Mike Austin

Now that we've gotten a bit of a break in the weather ag agents, crop consultants and growers are getting a first hand look at the quality of the alfalfa crop. What most are seeing is disappointing. Most reports are that 30% of the crop looks great, 30% did not survive and and the other 40% is marginal

It's that 40% that most growers are hoping will benefit from this weeks warmer and drier conditions. Still its important to know what to look for if that crop will perform anywhere near its optimum. UW Soil and Crops Specialist Kevin Jarek shared with me where a growers focus needs to be. The following video describes what you should be looking for and waht options you may have


Jarek said the next 5-7 days will be a key to determining  what type of first crop we'll have