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Daylight Drinking with: Jeopardy and Organic Extra Special Bitter

by Ryder

Daylight drinking = Daytime TV plus (hopefully) tasty beer. Today we're watching Jeopardy and drinking Lakefront Brewery's Organic ESB. Which is USDA certified organic. Top that with the fancy facts we'll learn in Double Jeopardy and Alex Trebek's impeccable pronunciation of the French Language and it's going to be one classy half hour. Let the games begin.

3:00: Crap it's Teen Tournament, this will be boring. And the bitter doesn't have as much bite a I thought it would, which is a nice surprise. 

3:02: First commercial break and I've only been stumped 4 times... could not be more proud.

3:04: Lenard has the most incredible afro... full disclosure, I'm almost positive this is rerun. The barley and hops balance really nicely in this bitter.

3:06: This kid totally swan in the state championships with a cast. Bad Ass of the Day.

3:07: I can't believe jeopardy is asking X Factor questions... so embarrassed. Pop culture stuff should be band from the big blue board. 

3:09: OHHHH Kid scores big on the daily double. And I'm proud this dudes missed the Hunger Games question... there is hope for our future. 


3:10: Organic EBS is officially not bad. Much smoother and less intense than I expected. 

3:13: TRUE DAILY DOUBLE! 2nd question into Double Jeopardy and know why it's called hydrogen get the kid 2 grand!

3:14: Now I'm starting to get schooled in double jeopardy... kids are putting me to shame. 

3:16:  Secrets is my go to category today. Yup, my love of conspiracy theories is paying off. And I'm slowing down on this bitter... a little goes a long way.

3:18: These kids are driving me nuts... doing all the categories in reverse. I get if you're hunting for a daily double... but that goes against unwritten jeopardy rules.

3:20: Category for Final Jeopardy - American Lit. BET IT ALL.

3:23: The Clue: In the first chapter of this 1939 novel, "When the night came again it was black night, for the stars could not pierce the dust." Grapes of Wrath dude, Grapes of Wrath.

3:25: 2 of 3 nailed it. Tourney continues tomorrow. And this Organic ESB might be worth getting a sixer every once in a while... not bad stuff.