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Best Proposal EVER

by Christy Taylor

I always knew my boyfriend Seth would do something EPIC when he proposed--being the romantic guy he is, but I NEVER saw this coming! He surprised me LIVE on air when I was doing a broadcast from Riddle's Jewelry on KTWB! I was talking with the jeweler, David about (of course) engagement rings
Best day of my life, hands down.

So...a little background:

My mom and dad were in town to visit from Indianapolis, and the LAST thing I wanted to do was a LIVE broadcast on a Friday afternoon. But, it was at fun location (Riddle's Jewelry) and my parents could stop out and see me work, so I agreed. The entire time I was wondering if Seth was going to have THE conversation with my dad during their stay, because there was NO WAY he's had time or money to get the ring yet! Clearly, I was very wrong! My parents were there at Riddles, and as soon as I turned around and saw Seth was behind me in a suit, I noticed his dad and step mom had walked in, as well! It was such an amazing experience for everyone to share with me. I did find out later that the entire broadcast was booked just for the proposal. Seth had friends and family all over the country tuned in on air and online. I'm totally getting MARRIED!!! Time to start planning!@