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PICTURES: Kenny Chesney Looks HOTTT Training With the Seattle Seahawks!

by Vanessa Ryan

Kenny Chesney football great?  Maybe not, but he sure can hold his own!  Kenny made a tour stop at CenturyLink Field on Saturday (6/1) and was invited by Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll to practice with the team the Friday before.  “I met Pete a couple years ago at our show at the Tacomadome,” Chesney says. “We kept in touch, and when we were coming he asked me if I’d like to work out with the team. I didn’t have to think about it… The answer was, ‘Yes!'"

“To feel the intensity of an NFL training camp,” Chesney says of the workout, “and to be out there running those drills… You get a real sense of how much focus and heart goes into preparing to do what they’re going to do all season. Sports is such a big part of my life, it’s a huge rush to be out on the field with such world class athletes.”

Working with wide receivers Percy Harvin and Simeon Rice, Chesney was running drills and catching passes from last year’s NFL Pepsi Rookie of the Year Russell Wilson.

“You know when you’ve caught a pass from Russell Wilson,” Chesney says with a laugh. “It’s not like when we play football backstage… It’s pretty serious. And I caught a few of’em, too. So it was a really good day!”

You can check out some great video of Kenny practicing HERE!

Let's hope he doesn't give up his day job, fans sure would miss him.