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Trace Adkins WINS!

by Vanessa Ryan

Team Trace, Team Trace, Team Trace ya'll!!  I'm so stoked for Trace Adkins and his big win last night on NBC's All-Star Apprentice!

Donald Trump declared Trace the first-ever All-Star Celebrity champion beating out Penn Jillette.  Trace who created "Maple Macadamia Mashup" in the final ice cream challenge lost out to best-selling flavor "Vanilla Chocolate Magic Swirtle" by Penn, but still took home the big win.

Penn earned his charity $503, 655 in the challenge sponsored by Walgreens, while Trace brought in $664,000, both with help from celeb friends like Billy Ray Cyrus, Wynonna, Tony Stewart, Wayne Newton and Blue Man Group.

The show based on raising money for different charities gave out even more money during last nights finale. Trump gave contestant Lil John a hundred thousand dollar check for his charity, the American Diabetes Association, in honor of the recording artist's mother, who recently died from complications of the disease. The rapper was moved to tears behind his trademark giant sunglasses.

Trump also doled out 20 thousand checks to the respective charities for the stars who hadn't won any money for them during the season, including Busey and Dennis Rodman.

Trace is such a classy, stand-up guy...yay Trace, thanks for doing an outstanding job representing Country Music and its fans so well!