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VIDEO: Keith Urban Chooses Jamming with Legendary Rockers Over Going to Moon!

by Vanessa Ryan

Given the choice between walking on the moon and playing with the Rolling Stones, Keith Urban says the Stone are where its at!  He fulfilled his "fantasy" Friday night in LA as he joined the Stones on stage playing guitar and singing with them on "Respectable."  Check out some video below...

After the show, Keith put his Stones experience in perspective on Facebook: "If I have been offered either a trip to the moon or sitting in with the Rolling Stones," he posted, "I would still have been strapping on my Tele saying screw the moon."

Not only did he play with the legendary Stones, he also squeezed in date night with wife Nicole Kidman.  Keith tweeted a photo with Nic before the show, after eating at the trendy L.A. rice bowl restaurant chego!, calling it "THE best food!!!!!!!!"

Is there a group or artist you'd give up going to the moon for?