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If someone seems too perfect...does that mean they're hiding their flaws?

by Robbie Owens

"Dear Robbie,

I'm dating this guy who seems perfect...he's good looking, has a great job, very successful and he really likes me and shows me his feelings all the time. In my experience, that means there has to be SOMETHING wrong with him! We've only been dating for about a month, but I'm starting to freak the heck out. We haven't slept together yet, so I'm assuming that's where the problem will be. I mean, nobody's perfect, right? Should I be worried?"

Jaime, 30, Sioux Falls

Dear Jaime,

To be perfectly honest...you SHOULD be worried! Nowadays, it seems like everybody puts up this bogus front and sells it as the "real me." Then, six months down the line, you realize he's got all sorts of problems (bed-wetting, mama's boy, transvestite, etc.)! You're right to think that nobody's perfect. Because no matter HOW GREAT somebody seems, everybody has flaws (yes, even me). On the flip side, try not to think about it so much! Believe it or not, there really ARE nice guys out there interested in you! Maybe the ones you've been dating and have encountered are complete fart clowns! My advice to you would be to be optimistic...but cautious. See what happens during your first fight. See what happens when a little adversity hits and see how he reacts. Also, see what happens when you DO sleep together. You could be over thinking everything and then when that happens, it's awful! And you'll prove yourself right...nobody's perfect (not even me).

Good Luck!