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Random thoughts after another adventure in grocery shopping.

by Ken Lanphear

First in a series.


Well, I do grocery shop every week.  With my wife.  Who no longer trusts me in the store alone.  Probably with good reason.

So, let's get started.  And, speaking of, where do YOU start your grocery shopping? Do you work from the back of the store to the front like I do.  Or, do you start at the front and work your way to the back.  The checkout lanes are at the front of the store, so it's logical to me that you would want to end where you checkout.  But, in observing others in the stores (yes, I'm watching) it appears they're going the other way. I'm passing you going the opposite direction in each aisle. 

When to shop? The store where we generally shop starts it's specials effective Sunday morning, so it's an issue if you shop a Sunday one week and then the following Saturday.  The specials are the same and are probably gone.  But in spite, Saturday afternoons are generally chaos.  So to answer the question...you just go and hope for the best.

It seems logical that the freshest milk and dairy products are in the back of the cooler.  Obviously, the store wants to sell the "older" items first.  And, why I see so many shoppers struggling to pull a gallon of milk from the back of the cooler, thru all the other containers, to get the fresh one.  Me?  Too lazy.  I take the first one I can grab.

And, what's with those people who decide, say, halfway thru their shopping that they don't want milk after all and just leave it on the condiment shelf.  Or, shove it under the checkout counter.  Those people should be identified and must use the cart with the wobbly wheel next trip to the store.

So, that what's on my mind as I grocery shop.

Probably why I'm always forgetting to get one or two items every trip.