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The Future We Dreamed of Has Arrived- Meet Your Robot Bartender!

by Justin

Those brainiacs at M.I.T. have finally used their high-flying mental prowess for something useful!  

Meet Makr Shakr- a robotic bartending system that may someday replace the Sam Malone's of this world.  Order your drink via your smartphone, then watch the big robotic arm perfectly pour your libation of choice.  Will I miss the conversation with the old-fashioned bartender?  I suppose- but I as I am not a young, attractive female I've found during peak hours getting the attention of the frat boy behind the bar can be a daunting task- this equal opportunity mixologist will not pretend I'm invisible while serving (and hitting on) the blonde next to me.  Thank you technology!  

You place an order on your phone- and Makr Shakr tracks the process for you from start to finish on a monitor behind the bar- so you can see how many drinks are in queue to be poured before yours. You'll see an ETA instead of a "yeah, I'll get you next buddy" line.