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ham & chicken thighs

by Phil O'Reilly

4 chicken thighs

your favorite chunk of ham

Frank's Red Hot 


soy sauce

Italian seasoning, garlic powder, season salt for chicken, lemon pepper

1/2 cup of beer

1/2 cup apple juice

Melt butter in hot sauce and mix in soy sauce, then use flavor injector for chicken thighs.  Pull back skin on thighs and insert butter and sprinkle in your spices.  Apply spice rub mix liberally over skin as well. When coals are ready on grill separate for indirect heat.  You want to achieve a temperature of 350 to 400.  Place chicken thighs directly on grill over coals for 5 minutes a side to achieve some grill marks.  Take chicken thighs off grill after 10 minutes and place in foil tray with ham pieces.  Add beer and apple juice.   Cover foil tray with more foil and poke top a few times with fork.  Cook ham and thighs on grill away from coals  or 45 minutes to an hour depending on thickness of chicken. Serve with your favorite sides and it is an awesome meal!