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The Best Omelette You Ever Had

by Mark Evans

OK, this is an idea born from boredom back in about 1985.

I was working in a hotel kitchen while taking a year off between my Senior Year in High School and the beginning of my soon-to-be-defunct College attempt.  We were having a snowstorm so NO ONE was coming in for the breakfast rush - other than the travelers who were stranded in the snowstorm and staying at the hotel.

One of the waiters came in the kitchen - with a customer.  Now, this isn't normal behavior (how many of you follow your waiter into the kitchen?) but there he was none-the-less.  The guy has a challenge for us, one that we would rise to so triumphantly that the final result was added to the permanent menu in 1987.

The guy wanted a Pizza - but no one was delivering.  He wanted Pizza - but we didn't serve it at the restaurant.  So, after a few ideas I told the guy to have a seat and we'd deliver him something he would like, guaranteed.  He left and we created - THE PIZZA OMELETTE!!

Renee Comet (Photographer)
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 Think Calzone - just with folded egg instead of crust.

-Three egss scrambled and laid out on the griddle

-Once eggs are cooked through, add 1/4 cup Pizza Sause and spread thin

-Add your toppings like you would on a Pizza, then a thin layer of shredded mozzarella.

-Fold it tight, top with more mozzarella and place in the melter (or a stove if at home)

Yes, he LOVED it!!!  LOVED IT!!!