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Wait....coffee is good for us?

by Otis Day

Coffee - is it good, or bad for us?

The huffingtonpost.com  had a great article on some of the benefits of drinking coffee every day.

It seems like there are always different studies coming out with conflicting reports, but here are 11 reasons why a daily cup o' joe is good for you.

1. Americans get tons of antioxidants from coffee.
2. Even the scent of coffee lowers your stress levels.
3. Coffee can lessen the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.
4. Coffee is very good for your liver (keep that in mind if you drink lots of alcohol.)
5. Coffee can actually make you feel happier.
6. Drinking coffee lowers levels of suicide.
7. If you're a woman coffee can reduce your chance of getting skin cancer.
8. Coffee can help make you a better athlete.
9. Coffee can lower your risk of developing type II diabetess.
10. Coffee keeps your brain healthier for longer.
11. Coffee may make you more intelligent.