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25 Minute Quick Workout - Perfect for The Cabin!

by Corey Carter

We stayed at my in-laws lake place last week and between eating waaaaay to much of my Father-In-Law's great cooking and taking 2 hour afternoon naps while the kids naps, I figured I HAD to get some workouts in.  I mean, I was gone for 10 days out of my normal routine, so I needed something that made me feel a little better about the enormous amount of calories I was consuming!

I'll call this one The Cabin haha!

Try to do each exercise for :20 (or :30) then rest for :10 (or :15) 

Try to get thru the circuit a full 3 times (taking a 1:00 or 2:00 break before starting again from the top)

-High Knees
-Bridge Cross Knees (plank - flat back, bringing opposite knees up to opposite wrist and holding for :01)
-lunge hold (each leg, you can also chose to do straight lateral arm dual arm raises while doing this to work the shoulders)
-triceps dip (need an elevated hard surface for this)
-mountain climbers
-plank (keep the back flat, butt tight, pushing thru heels)
-step ups (alternating legs bringing knee up)
-bridge side knees
-box jumps