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Cold Oatmeal - A Perfect Healthy Pre-Workout Meal??

by Corey Carter

If you're like me, it's hard to find the perfect food to eat before you work out. 

It's gotta be filling enough so you're not battling hunger pains or weaknes while you're working out, but it can't be too much to weigh you down to feel bloated/sluggish.

It's gotta agree with you digestive system.

And it's gotta have a good mix of protein/carbs if you're watching your nutrition...right?

Not sure if this is the *perfect* food, but it certainly sounds good and if you make it with all-natural and/or organic ingredients, it's pretty healthy for you.  (Plus, maybe I'm strange, but there is always something about cold oatmeal that is appealing to me...I like the taste and texture)

Give this recipe next time either before (or maybe even AFTER) a workout!