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5 Tips To Get You Though The Fall Blahs

by Mark Evans

Fall in the North can be pretty dreary some days!  I know I move a little slower, smile a little less some days just because we're done with summer and the snow will be flying soon enough.

That being said - there are ways around getting the Grey Weather Blahs; things that will improve your outlook - your health, and your mental state all around.


1) Find a funny photo on the web and share it with people.

2) Enjoy a hot beverage.  Warm on the inside improves your mood

3) Walk around.  Just getting you blood flowing improves mood and boosts energy

4) Find something to celebrate the changing seasons.  My personal favorite in locating the local farmer on the side of the road selling squash and sweet corn!

5) Wear a bright colored shirt or blouse!  Bright colors have been shown to improve not only the mood of who's wearing it - but those around them as well