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Eating Healthy on the Go

by Christy Taylor

Don’t let a road trip or summer activities derail your smart food choices. Believe it or not, you CAN eat healthy even when bouncing around from place to place! Here’s some great tips from health and nutrition expert Joy Bauer.

  • Starbucks (one of my personal weaknesses…)
    If you’re like me and like to indulge in a creamy sweet treat, just stick with a latte or cappuccino with skim or soy milk. Or, try a tall Frappuccino “light”. It’s only got 165 calories and 3 grams of fat! As for tea, any unsweetened variety will do.
  • At the sandwich shop
    A totally easy place to keep on track because you can customize your order. Turkey or chicken breast are always healthy options. Opt for whole grain bread, and pile on the veggies! Request mustard, ketchup, BBQ sauce or hummus instead of mayo—you can cut an extra 80 to 100 calories!
  • At the ballgame…(and the hard to resist concession stands!)
     Yu could always eat before you go—or sneak in some healthy snacks. But that's no fun! Try sharing a large bag of elephant peanuts: 28 peanuts are just 160 calories full of protein. And the shelling process slows down your munching!
    Some other lower calorie ballpark options:
    1/3 of a soft pretzel 160 calories
    cotton candy 110 calories
    frozen yogurt 150 calories
    large handful of Cracker Jacks 120 calories
  • At McDonald’s…
    Order a bunch of grilled chicken snack wraps. The Honey Mustard and Chipotle BBQ are just 250 calories each! Or, order a salad with grilled chicken, just be sure to ask for low-fat dressing!
    If you’re craving a burger, stick with a plain one stacked with lettuce, tomato, onion and a squirt of ketchup, mustard or BBQ sauce. Lose the top of the bun, and you’ll save about 80 calories!
  • At the Diner…
    Lots of places will serve breakfast all day—omelets are a PERFECT way to stay on track! Try an egg white omelet stuffed with vegetables. Beware of the diner salads! They usually come already tossed with about 6 tbsp. of dressing—about 600 calories! Ask for the vinaigrette or house specialty on the side and drizzle a few teaspoons.