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Well- if you work really really hard.....

by Laura Bradshaw

Waitress CeCe Bruce was working her Wednesday morning shift at an Indianapolis Steak 'n Shake. She wasn't having the best of days until she discovered a customer had left a $446 tip on a $5.97 bill. That generous tipper, a regular identified only as "Miss Jo," didn't bother offering Bruce an explanation, but was very insistent that she accept the money nonetheless. "I said 'Oh my gosh Miss Jo, I'm not taking that!'" Bruce recalled. "And she said, 'Yes, you're taking it' and I said no and she said 'You need to take it.'" 

The restaurant's general manager Greer Gooley says Bruce deserves it. "She stays late, comes in early. Whenever we need her, she's here," he said. "It just lets servers know that you work hard and it does pay off. There are people out there that [if] you do your job people reward you for it." 

Really????  How about just giving the girl a raise.... mr manager dude.