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My New Favorite Father & Daughter Duet

by Doc Murphy

Quick story before you watch the video...
(front page image via YouTube video screenshot) The little girl's name is Adelaide and she's 4 years old. Here's the description that her dad Ben posted with the video on YouTube.

"She thought she kept hearing fireworks and couldn't sleep, so we sang to keep her mind preoccupied. In the end, nothing competes with fireworks."

 A couple of things struck me while watching the video:
1) It takes a secure man to play a pink ukulele.
2) Cute jammies
3) I think it's cool that this guy has taught his daughter a song written in 1926.
4) Watch it all the way through to the end.  The final "shhh" killed me.

And finally, I apologize now for the fact that this song will be stuck in your head for a while.