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How To Set The Perfect Easter Dinner Table

by Cindy Rippe

If you are having company over for Easter brunch or dinner, take some time beforehand to plan the best way to set your table. Do an inventory of your serving pieces, to see what you have to work with. Easter is a day to celebrate and enjoy friends and family. Set your table the night before, that way you'll have one less task to take care of on Easter Sunday.

Count the people who will be attending your Easter dinner.With all the beautiful colors of Spring, next choose your colors! Here I started with a crisp, white tablecloth, (make sure to iron the tablecloth and napkins to get creases out), teal blue charger plates and white dishes.

I added 3 multi-colored Spring bouquets, filled with roses, tulips, hydrangeas, lilies and other beautiful fresh flowers. I also used some iridescent white Easter grass (found anywhere you'd find Easter decor) and placed it all down the middle of the table, kind of like a table runner!

I made these cute little edible birds nests for a little extra whimsey! Learn how to make them by clicking below.

How to make edible bird's nests

Make sure and place flatware in the correct place. Flatware is laid on the table in the order of use. On the left of the plate, the salad fork is first, next to it the dinner fork. The dinner knife is laid to the right of the plate, with the blade facing the plate, and the desert spoon is laid next to the knife. Napkins can be placed where ever you prefer. I placed them under the salad bowl.

I placed glittery eggs in the bed of Easter grass, to add some shimmer and sparkle!

The water glass and the wine glass are placed on the upper right side of the plate.

Don't you just love the colors of Spring?

Don't forget to add some candle holders, I used white taper candles in crystal holders.

Kids will really like the little bird's nests filled with chocolate eggs!

Happy Easter!