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Movie Trailer Friday

by Matt Z

There are four movies opening up nationwide today and we will start with the best reviewed out of the group,  The Conjuring:

Now for the kids, it's Turbo.  It's also the second best reviewed movie of the four biggies .

Red 2 has plenty of big names and the original had success at the box office.  Were people holding their breath for the sequel?  We find out today.  Critics haven't been all that kind.

R.I.P.D. has the makings to be the biggest disappointment of the summer, if you believe the critics.  Ryan Reynolds is hoping one of his two movies this weekend (he's the voice of Turbo) goes over well at the box office but he might have his hopes crushed come Monday morning.  Although you could argue, being married to Blake Lively, eases box office disappointment.  

And here are some of the limited release movies opening this weekend:

The Act of Killing 


Girl Most Likely 

Only God Forgives 

I know the critics are digging it and it's been called too violent, but I am very excited to see it.

Computer Chess 

The critics love it and so do I.  I saw it at the Wisconsin Film Festival this year and it was excellent.