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7 ways to save money on your kids birthday...

by Charli McKenzie


It can be so easy to go crazy on party preparations for your child, but it makes a lot more financial sense to keep things simple. Some families spent almost obscene amounts on money on their childrens' birthday bashes - whether with hundreds of presents at home or renting out airplane-hangar sized party locals for blow-outs with the entire grade. Kids parties have become notoriously competitive, but ultimately your only goal should be making your child happy and creating memories to last a lifetime. Click through for 7 genius was to save money on your kid's birthday party!

Party Where It's Free
Find a location such as your backyard where you won't have to pay for the space. If the yard isn't accommodating, try the local park or community hall who may offer the space for free or for a donation.

Stick with Old Fashion Fun
Keeping the kids busy is the goal of the day so make sure you have some ideas for fun games ideal to your location. Outdoor games like water balloon fights or egg toss can be a great way to burn some energy. Indoor parties can include a scavenger hunt or a peanut rolling contest. Plan out a list of organized activities that are appropriate for all ages to keep kids occupied.

Skip the Expensive Cake
Unless you have a personal cake designer in your family, you'll save a lot of money by making your child's cake at home. Younger kids especially end up wasting a lot of cake after licking off all the icing. You can find a lot of fun cake toppers and colorful icing that is less expensive than a store-bought cake.

Keep the Food Simple
Supply a homemade cake, some ice cream, sale pop, and tap water. Get the food service supplies like the plates, forks, and cups from the dollar store.

Compromise on Theme
You can buy an expensive themed package of party supplies but it's more financially wise to invest in a few theme items and find alternatives for the rest. For instance if your child loves Spiderman, buy a Spiderman table cloth but shop at the dollar store for blue and red plates and cups. Find creative ways to work around the theme to save more cash.

Stick to One Big Gift
It's easy to want to give your kid a table full of gifts but avoid the temptation to do so. Give them one big gift and a couple smaller gifts. Combined with the gifts the party-goers bring your little one will still feel very special.

Give More for Less
If you plan to make goodie bags for kids to take home, get what you can in bulk and break them down into individual bags. If you invest in single serve items, you are going to pay a ton of extra money. Check out the local dollar store for frugally fun items like bubbles, stickers, and juice pouches for the to-go bags.