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BTW -- When they come in from playing in the yard.... Teach em' NOW!

by David Kuharski

Do you remember on a warm, summer night being scolded when you walked in for dinner and did NOT pay the bathroom sink and bar of soap a visit?  I can still hear my mom saying 'Look at your hands!  They're filthy!  Go wash them, right now... you know better!'

Well, it appears not many of us remembered Mom's squabbling.  http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/sideshow/doing-wrong-study-says-only-5-wash-hands-221341614.html

So, I can heasr you pointing the ugly end of the stick at me-- No, I may've fudged on my 20 sec wash time.  But, now is the time to teach good skills.  That way when your kids are all grown up you won't be squeamish when they go to shake your pastor or boss's hands.