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Part of the Solution

by David Kuharski

Growing up Julie and I were taught to love and respect everyone, regardless or their color, religion or politics.  That doesn't mean I was told to agree with everyone, but I should respect them and not push my opinions on them.  Make sense?  Maybe your parents phrased it differently, but the idea was still the same.

Recently I heard that a major media outlet conducted a poll.  While not a majority, a sizeable chunk of those responding said racial discrimination is still an issue in our day and time.  The good news is over time that figure has been shrinking.

Now Julie and I are the parents and our task is to teach our children to love and respect everyone they encounter.  The poll's results and last week's 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's speech during the March on Washington should serve as reminders of the work that remains and to speak up when racial discrimination rears its ugly head.  It's easy to have the blinders on in day-to-day life or to assume that the the issue is gone because it hasn't cropped up in your inner-circle. 

You wish it were gone--considering how far we've come--but it's not

Be part of the solution!