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10 Things you need to know about your pregnant wife

by Nikki Montgomery

If you are a dad to be I thought I'd help you out with a list of things you need to know about your pregnant wife. 

1. Morning sickness doesn't only happen in the morning. 

2. Her boobs hurt all the time so stay away!

3. She has to pee. Like probably right now.

4. She never feels cute in maternity clothes no matter how much she loves being pregnant.

5. She wants you to rub her feet.

6. She is tired all the time! It's hard work building a baby.

7. She needs you to help out more around the house because of number 6.

8. Her hormones may make her crazy, but remember she loves you anyway and don't take it personally and definitely don't fight back.

9. She cries a lot. 

10. She has cravings and you'd better cater to them. 

Good luck dads :)

Anything else experienced dads would like to add? Please feel free to comment below.