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Gomez Homer Sparks Brawl in ATL

by Jon Henseler


(hockey players: that's a brawl? cute.)

So this is the play that literally EVERYONE is talking about today in sports. It's to the point where I'm not sure what I'm more impressed by, the fact that what happened happened, or the fact that Carlos Gomez made the Braves/Brewer game the #1 topic on Sportscenter. If we're being honest I didn't watch much of the game last night because AMC has a Breaking Bad marathon on that has made it a virtual certainty that I do nothing from now until Sunday (so pretty much a normal week), but when I woke up and turned on the 4am Sportscenter and saw 'Brewers/Braves' as the lead topic I legit thought someone must have been murdered at the game.

Now as far as the actual brawl itself, I dunno. I guess there's a ton of history between Gomez and Maholm and Maholm has beaned him intentionally more than once. So after Gomez Haduken-ed a monster bomb he was obviously showboating a little bit and rounded the bases like Maximus screaming 'Are You Not Entertained?!' So if you're one of those old school 'unwritten' rules type of dudes then Gomez is probably in the wrong here. But if you don't live life like Statler and Waldorf, you can probably see Gomez having a point given the context. And I've always been a subscriber to the 'if you don't want to get shown up then don't serve up gopher balls.' And it's not like we're talking about showing up Clayton Kershaw here. This is friekin' Paul Maholm. He of the 76-95 career record and 4.41 career ERA. And Brian McCann can stop with the tough guy blocking home plate act. Throw a swing or shut up.

All that said, the opening series of 2014 just got a little extra juice! Watch out for in your ear Carlos. 

PS: You know what the real travesty is? That the Braves have as many wins as fans. I mean I thought I was watching a Marlins game out there. Wake up Atlanta! You've got the best record in the NL and we're a week from October baseball! Bust out the Cleveland Wave.