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College sports idea...

by Jason Miller

So I’m sitting here in my wonderful office, wondering what am I going to write my blog on for today?  Then it happens, I see an article about how 5 SEC players are facing allegations. They might have broke the rules on receiving benefits from prospective agents. 

5 SEC football players, including former Alabama tackle D.J. Fluker, allegedly received benefits prior to completing their college careers.

According to a Yahoo! Sports report, former Alabama DE Luther Davis acted as the go between the players and a few NFL agents and financial guys. The report says Davis figured a way of getting money and benefits totaling 45,500 dollars to Fluker, Tennessee starting DE Maurice Couch, former Volunteers QB Tyler Bray, and former MS State players Fletcher Cox and Chad Bumphis.

The allegations would violate NCAA bylaw, which prohibits athletes from receiving extra benefits from prospective agents or marketing representatives. The violation might have an impact on Fluker's eligibility and possibly the Alabama wins, which would include the 2012 Discover BCS National Championship.

Why, does this happen after every draft class is cemented into the NFL?  When are we going to realize that their needs to be a change to the rules for College players?  I don’t have the answer but till we do, there will be rule breakers.  Okay you are not going to let me off that easy.  I need to come up with a solution….hmmmm:

Okay, here is what we do.  We have a five tiered system.  Those five tiers equal an amount, for example:

Each star represents how critical you are to the team you play on.  You can move up on this list and you can move down.

5-stars = 20,000 dollars, an athlete would receive while in school along with a scholarship if the team deems it so.

4-stars = 15,000 dollars and a possible scholarship

3-stars – 10,000 dollars and a partial scholarship if school deems it so

2-stars – 5,000 dollars and no scholarship

1-star – 2,500 dollars and no scholarship

In the contract that the athlete and school would sign, there would NEED to be an option that if the athlete or school for whatever reason, doesn't finish up the four years with that player or school the money will either still be paid in full or the student athlete would have to pay whatever the amount he or she received back if they leave to go to another school.  Also the school would NOT be allowed to pay off an athlete’s contract to get them to transfer.  Of course there would be all kinds of language in these contracts that would make it so kids have to stay at a school and the school has to stick with a student they picked.  Now I would say that if a coach leaves there should be an out for both the school and student.  Maybe they only have to pay back 5% of what they have been given as an athlete and the school would only have to pay 5% of what they owe if they choose in a coaching change situation.  There are people who know more about sports law and what not than I but I think this is a good start.  You want your program to be successful, pay up.  Don’t talk to me about scholarships.  They don’t cost the school anything, because most schools have boosters that pay tham.  Oh yes, a little secret I learned from playing at a DII school…boosters pay those scholarships, don’t be fooled.

Is it the best idea, hell no!  But is it the best idea I’ve seen, of course I am saying that, it’s my idea.