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Hockey in the Forest

by Robb Reel

If they dropped a hockey puck in the forest, and there was no one watching, did it really happen?

[Photo: REUTERS/Bruce Bennett]

The National Hockey League does still exist.  They've got uniforms and everything.  What is usually the most exciting of all postseasons in major-league sports has been even better this time around.  Unfortunately, unless you are a diehard, you wouldn't know it.  Last night's triple-overtime thriller didn't even make the front page of ESPN.com.

I played a little hockey in high school and then again in college.  I still managed to find some rec-league matches in places I've lived.  I understand that hockey is not a sport for everyone and everywhere.  Where I live and work now -- Terre Haute, Ind. -- doesn't even have ice.

Still, if you've never tried watching the Stanley Cup finals, give Game 2 a shot on Saturday night.  I think you'll really enjoy the action.  I would hate to see hockey die from a lack of sunlight.

[Photo: REUTERS/Jeff Haynes ]