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Can You Hear Me Now?

by Nick Vitrano

I don’t mind the two-week hiatus between the AFC and NFC Championship games and the Super Bowl.  It’s kind of nice to exhale after a 20-week frenzy of activity.  The only real issue that I have is that rarely does there exist enough material to get us through two full weeks of analysis.  The result is that we become fixated on a single storyline and exhaust it to the point of…well…exhaustion.  Hey there Richard Sherman! 

On that note, allow me to do my part in sucking additional life out of this thread, though I think this is actually relevant…very relevant to the Richard Sherman debate, in fact.

I have gone on record as not being that irate over Sherman’s post game interview.  I defended him on a couple of platforms, one of which was the fact that we didn’t know what all was said and done during the course of that game and during the history of their on and off-field encounters.  Basically, we always catch the second dude…we throw the flag on the guy who throws the punch.  We label that guy an animal, but overlook that he was punched first.  That’s not always the case, but…

There’s no doubt that Richard Sherman is a mouth.  And the argument can be made that that is generally poor sportsmanship.  Then again, it proves exceptional gamesmanship.  In a professional endeavor in which the difference between the top and the bottom is separated by an eyelash, franchises, coaches, and the athletes themselves seek any edge in existence to gain the upper hand.  Sports are physically demanding, but the guys who play the games will be the first to tell ya that the mental grind is (at least) equally brutal.  Psychological intimidation in sports is as old as time.  It's not always indicative of a man’s character and sportsmanship foundation.

Okay, so to the video: