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Hubby Pooped in Bed

by Lauri Loewenberg

 “The waking mind is thinking inside the box; the dreaming mind is thinking outside the box.”  - Professor David Kahn

Dear Lauri,
This is really weird. I dreamed my husband pooped in our bed and I was upset because I had to go buy new sheets. Any explanation for this one?   - Irene 63, West Chester, PA

Lauri: Have either of you been dealing with a crappy situation lately? Has he let loose in some way or relieved himself of frustration? Since this was in your bed it may have to do with intimate matters or something that he has finally put to rest once and for all. However, in the process, it seems you have had to make some changes as well, hence the new sheets. It’s something you aren’t terribly happy about but I think your dream is trying to show you a renewal is taking place.

Irene replies: Hmmm. Well it's not about intimate matters. We're A-OK in that department. It may have to do with work. He works all the time since he's self employed and rarely gets a break. He has a passion for backpacking and being in the most remote wilderness areas. He is planning to let loose as you say and is planning a summer backpacking trip. I'm not going so it does affect me since I'll be on my own with the business and other responsibilities for 9 days. Not thrilled about it, but he does have my support since I know he needs this so badly. It is crappy for me, but he does so much for me and works so hard for us, there's no way I'd deny him something that he was truly born to do in addition to the fact that he desperately needs a break from work. I think you nailed it.

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