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Kitchen Fire

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,

I was in the kitchen frying eggs or something, but then the paper towel roll that is next to the stove caught on fire, then the fire spread to the wall and on up to the spice cabinet. Whenever I managed to put it out, it would start right back up again! - Rob 44, Las Vegas, NV

Lauri: Whatcha got cookin in real life lately? What are you planning or preparing for? The fire suggests that the heat is really on! You are under some major pressure to get something done. It also seems that every time you think you have it under control and you start to relax, the pressure starts right back up. The eggs lead me to believe this may be about children. If not, then an idea has recently been hatched and you cant seem to make it happen quickly enough. The fire is letting you know that you are letting the pressure get to you too much.

Rob replies: Wow. You are right; I am under intense pressure from my wife! Shes about to hit 40 and wants to try to get pregnant ASAP. There have been a few times we thought she was pregnant but it turned out not to be the case, so then the pressure starts right back up.

FASCINATING DREAM FACT: Nicotine patches and melatonin are reported to increase the vividness of dreams and nightmares. The nicotine patch in particular is said to intensify dreams.

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