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Teen bagged a MONSTER gator

by Jason Hillery

I've hunted a lot of things over the years... gators aren't one of them. Like bear hunting, it almost seems to easy. Now, if gator hunting involved diving out of your boat and man-handling the beast to it's demise, then it would be interesting!

Either way, this catch was unbelievable:


Photo by ©James Daughtrey/Texas Parks and Wildlife Department 

A hunter in Texas has bagged the largest alligator ever certified in the state… the beast weighed in at 800 pounds and was 14 feet, 3 inches long.

The teen that shot the gator has been entering a special lottery in the hopes that he would get picked to participate in this year's hunt.

Luckily, he and his dad both got picked... and the state only gives out 10 permits in their area.

Both father and son each bagged a gator using lines baited with raw meat. Once they had the gators on the hook, they pulled them in close enough to blast them with a gun.