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Only in Minnesota

by Randy Allen

A Minnesota teen walked a away from a head-on collision--- with a bear!

After dropping off his girlfriend, he was heading home with his sister asleep in the back seat. There was nothing in front of him but open road, but that changed in a split-second. When he went around a corner, a 400-pound black bear came out of nowhere and was running right at the teen. He was driving 60 miles an hour.

The teenager was worried that swerving out of the way would cause his car to lose control, so he hit the brakes, grabbed both hands on the wheel and hit the bear head-on.

Air bags flew open and the bear flew 20 feet across the road. The boy and his sister were OK, but his car wasn’t. It was totaled. Fortunately, he got to upgrade it to a newer model.

As for the bear, police think it had just woken up from hibernating and was looking for food.