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Let's go shopping ... really?

by Tom Mitchell

A few weeks ago I dropped my 14 year-old daughter off at the mall for a hair appointment at the salon.  As I waited for her new cut and color to be completed,  I wondered how much of a tip I needed to leave for the stylist.   I went to Facebook to gather opinions on what I should leave and I got a great response, thank you!  I ended up giving the stylist a 20% tip - which was a lot, but she did a great job.

And that experience leads me to today's blog.  I felt a little out of place sitting in the salon (populated mostly by 20-something females); I was bored and wondered if I was the only male wishing I was somewhere else.  Turns out I was NOT alone, in fact I found an Instagram account devoted completely to images of men suffering the "wait" of a shopping trip with their favorite significant other.  CHECK IT OUT HERE!    There are some seriously funny photos of unhappy, bored men.  Enjoy!